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Laptops for classroom setups available for hire.

Educational events and laptops go hand in hand. We work with educational sectors throughout Europe as well as globally, hiring laptops and additional event technology such as mice, keyboards, tablets, projectors, PA systems and more. We integrate software into the equipment so that your favourite apps are already installed and ready to use. Each piece of classroom technology is triple-checked by our world class technicians, and the value of your equipment speaks for itself at trainings, workshops, testing facilities and seminars. 

Classrooms bring technology to life, and our commitment to education means that your next classroom setup will be fully equipped. For more information please speak to any of our consultants, who have ample experience with classroom setups and can advise you on the best equipment, laptops and notebooks to meet your needs.

We have mobile event app software that increases engagement and performs well in educational settings. Utilise a range of software that can send push notifications, deliver online surveys, and create Q&A sessions that your student audience can participate in anonymously. Event software can also collect important user data to determine habits and preferences of attendees. 

What we offer: beyond laptops

Laptops are only the beginning when it comes to educational technology and classroom setups. We offer classroom setup rental packages that can include any and all of the following: hardware, integrated software and apps, technical staff services and wifi solutions. Laptops that we offer include Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo and MSI gaming laptops, among others. 

Our laptops have advanced processing capability, highly-rated displays, and more than enough storage to work with. Integrate the highest quality laptops into your learning experience and you’ll notice the difference in your next classroom setup rental. From word processing to video editing, there’s nothing our equipment can’t accomplish. Get started with our laptops and accessories and find out how else we can help facilitate your next educational event. 


Equipment can be deployed with integrated software, fully charged and on time, courtesy of our in-house fleet of drivers. We can set everything up for you upon arrival, and maintain an onsite presence at your next event. Our network engineers can connect it to Wi-Fi, utilising a range of options such as access points, satellite, hardline and personalised bonded internet. 

Benefits of having the right classroom equipment

What are the benefits of having the right classroom equipment for your next educational event? Does it really matter which laptops you use. Of course! We may be a bit biased but one of the reasons we established an IT rental company is because of the value we’ve seen the right equipment bring to events. A learning journey with user-friendly technology will improve learning and retention while increasing student engagement. This impacts learning in the best possible way. 

What does it mean to have the right equipment? It means that your projector delivers crisp text and true colour images. Your displays work well to deliver the message, whether you are using tablets, laptops, or touchscreen monitors to teach and learn. We skip the clumsy wires with the latest Bluetooth technology, and we make sure that your PA system works without delay or static- so that the learning is uninterrupted by technical glitches. 


Contact our team to find out about all of the solutions that we offer, and how we can best help to meet your needs. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We’d love to hear about your next classroom setup and even suggest options you may not have considered. There’s a world of options with the latest event technology that are as efficient as they are cost-effective. Give us a call and receive a free quote today.


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