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Event check-in: why it's important.

Event checkin is crucial for the success of your event. Guests have less patience than ever with long waits to check in and register for an event. They’ve been to the latest events- they’ve experienced the latest technology and the ease and efficiency of a registration process that works well. With such positive experiences they will demand the same from you at your next event. After all, the first impression of an attendee is the one that matters and the one that resonates. Give them a check-in process that will leave them with a positive feeling about your event, with the latest event checkin app software. 

iPads and their role at check-in.

iPads are the tools with which your check-in app software will work most efficiently. Hire Laptops can create check-in apps that will simplify your registration process and create an optimal checkin experience for guests. We have iPad hire in any volume and we also have the software that complements it perfectly. This includes standard event check-in software and custom built apps we can design for your business. Bespoke apps give you complete control over the features and design of guest check-in. We have app developer partners who have built some of the world’s latest and most efficient check-in apps and event software on the market. 

How to make your event more efficient with event checkin app solutions.

We have been putting on events for a long time- over a decade throughout the Middle East as well as globally. This has given us a wide range of experience in providing the latest technology for event check-in at affordable pricing for small medium and international businesses. We have a system that works, and our project managers can work with you on designing the perfect setup and protocol for you event checkin app. This is whether you want a custom app built for you by our developers or you prefer to use standard apps and software. We just want you to be comfortable with your event checkin process. Whatever you device we can train your staff how to use the equipment, make recommendations and design a system that works in terms of efficiency and improving your event ROI. Your entry management system is worth its weight in gold. Let us help you today!

Some of the options we can help you with include self-service kiosks, registration desks staffed with professionals, or mobile checkin with employees attending to guests while they are in queues to better facilitate smooth entry. Event checkin apps are an incredible solution-they are simple, effective and worthwhile in terms of revenue. Utilise and hire kiosks or iPad stands, accessories such as iPad straps for hand held devices that are lightweight and that will literally fit into your staff members pockets. We offer you customisable, scalable, secure solutions

Event Registration that you can rely on.

Event registration puts you in control of your event success, by setting up systems and protocol from guest arrival to event completion. What can the right event registration offer you? A secure system that utilises the latest encrypted technology for you and your guests peace of mind. Speed that your team can rely upon to keep event schedules in place.  We offer the latest in wireless portable printers which in conjunction with our iPads can quickly and easily create wristbands, backstage passes and id badges. Visitor paths, id verifications and e-signatures, the options are limitless and we can advise on anything you need to know about the latest application functions.


Event checkin app solutions offer a range of solutions including:

  • badge and receipt printing
  • VIP notifications
  • contactless payment
  • software for iOS or Android compatibility
  •  iPads for short-term hire 
  • bespoke event checkin app software 

We have unlimited support for as much or as little help as your business or event requires. This includes  onsite support from technicians with over a decade of experience in the Middle East.  It includes WiFi installation from netwrok engineers who can install any range of needed solutions from hardline to satellite and any option in between. 

We’ve built a business that offers you the complete range of event solutions at prices that you will not believe. 

Contact us for more information about our scalable event checkin app solutions and how we can help you today! 

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