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Exhibition and Live Event Laptops:

Exhibitions and live events are something of an art and something of a science. The right planning, equipment, and services can put you ahead of your competitors and can increase event ROIs. Whether you are attending a trade show, product launch, exhibition, or other live event, we offer you the tools to get it right the first time, with the training and support to supplement your formula for success. Business can always be improved upon and we start with the right technology including touch-screen interfaces, laptops, LED Video walls, mobiles. Giant iTabs, Wifi in a Box instant wifi solutions, and so much more. 

Bespoke Event Solutions

From internet access to touchscreen technology, to digital signage and EPOS payment systems, we are here to help. We have equipment of every variety to complement and expand upon your next event experience. What can we do for you? Do you need to increase the speed with which your registration setup takes place? Do you want customised software and app solutions or just get standard apps pre-uploaded onto your devices to that everything is ready to use upon arrival? We can help!

Delivery is on time every time- that's our service guarantee.

Having offices in 9 locations globally helps us to deploy equipment to any part of the world in less than 24 hours. It’s part of our logistics strategy and it’s why we are such as success in this business. Whether you are hosting an event in ADNEC or the Dubai World Trade Centre we can help with a variety of services and solutions that are consistently deployed on time. To help matters- our services are 24/7- we are always available any time of day or night to place or check on an order or for technical support or consultation. Wherever you are, we’ll be awake and ready to help you deploy- we excel at last minute orders and can help facilitate deliveries to customs challenging areas throughout the world easily. 

Services and hardware throughout the Middles East providing:

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For Business:

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We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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We are the one-stop-shop for all your short term IT technology hire and complete onsite and offsite services and support. We provide the latest technology and the expert teams to set it up, take it down and troubleshoot it. Conduct the most amazing events with our state of the art and affordable IT technology and services.

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