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iPad stand hire for your next event.

Events are best created with attention to detail. From the technology you hire to the accessories, it’s important to consider equipment that is durable. It has to be made well and able to resist wear and tear. Heckler Stand Hire, for example is made from laser cut steel, for a combination of strength and style. 

You don’t want the equipment to break down on site. It needs to be practical- what does it weigh, does it have wheels, can you set it up by yourself, or would you require assistance. Bouncepad is one of our models that have a reputation for user friendly stands that you can rely on. 

It needs to be stylish, because events are about aesthetics. What kind of image does this equipment say about your brand and business? Whether it’s iPad Wall mounts or Heckler stand hire, the look is as good as the equipment. 

And it needs to be functional. Quite simply- it needs to work well in an event environment because we don’t get a second chance to create positive impressions with others. From our Quad stands to our desktop and counter or iPad floor stands, our equipment has features that you can rely upon. 

 iPad stand hire that is reliable and affordable.

Our iPad stands are affordable, and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. From Heckler stand hire to Bouncepad and adjustable tripod stands, we have something for everything. Our prices are reasonable and you can count on our rental policies to be clear and have no hidden costs. Hire iPad for exhibition or trade show purposes, or utilize them at festival or the registration desk of your next charity fundraiser. You’ll never be disappointed in our kiosks and stands- they are made well and can be deployed within 24 hours. We stock one of the largest inventories of event equipment and that includes accessories like our iPad kiosk hire and desktop stands. Contact a member of our team today for more information and some cheerful assistance. 

Hire iPad for exhibition or seminar, gala or festival.

Whether it’s iPad floor stand hire or iPad desktop stand packages, we can help. Whether you need it for a sporting event or a fundraiser, we’ll be there. We can even be onsite at your next event with a technical support team to set everything up. So whether you are looking for a way-finding kiosk or a registration tool, we can suggest equipment that works for your brand and business. 


iPad Quad Stand

iPad Wall Mounts

iPad Floor Stand

iPad Counter & Desk Stands

Heckler Stand

Desktop Stand

Shoulder Strap

Apple Keyboard

4G Lite Mi-Fi Router

iPad for exhibition use: kiosks and stands of all shapes and sizes.

EPOS is one of the reasons people hire iPad stands. Bouncepad models, Heckler hire, or additional desktop stands can all help your cause. They are secure, with screws that lock the iPads in place, and sturdy, made from well-built materials. They are lightweight, so that you can move around as needed. clients often request iPad desktop stand packages. From our iPad rent exhibition packages  iPadsaccessories, and more, we can help. Contact a member of our team today!

iPad Rent Exhibition Options

iPad exhibition stand packages, including iPad hire and more can be easily arranged through our technical and customer support team. iPad kiosk hire helps with everything from contactless payment to product demos, wayfinding, and surveys, schedules and other crucial event information that can be presented in a compelling way. Whether it’s an exhibition, trade show, or conference, seminar or product launch, we have the iPad stands that can help you do business. 

Dubai iPad floor stand hire.

Our Dubai office has Dubai iPad floor stand hire at reasonable prices, with a range of iPad stands which can be deployed throughout the Middle East or globally as needed.  Ask us about iPad kiosk hire, desktop iPad stands such as Bouncepad or Heckler Hire.  We have such an incredible range of Quad stands, tripod stands, wall mounts and more. iPad exhibition stands, iPad kiosk hire, and so much more is available today!

What can we help you with in terms of iPad exhibition stand rental?

Rent Heckler or Bouncepad, check out our iPad floor stand hire, or utilise any of our options for a winning event experience. Speak with our customer service associates today! Available 24/7 for your convenience. 

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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