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When you rent LED video wall solutions…

You know who to call for the best in LED video wall hire. The right visual presentation is essential for an event- and we know this because we launched thousands of successful events over the last decade using the highest quality technology and a technical team that is second to none.

Hire LED video wall solutions that offer you the right pixel pitch, clear, crisp visuals, and colour and brightness that you can rely upon to engage an audience. Our LED video wall is entirely customisable. It is built from square panels which can be extended as much as 20 metres wide. When it comes to Audiovisual technology, our team can help! Contact us at any time, 24/7 for more information about our LED video wall rental and what we can do for you at your next event

Rent LED video wall solutions for these and other fine events:

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Global hire you can depend upon is available here. Arrange LED video wall hire throughout the Middle East, or anywhere in the world.

Video wall rental options and pixel pitch

When you hire video wall options you may wonder what you need to look for. You’ll hear the term pixel pitch and you may wonder what it is and what it means. Pixel pitch refers to the density of pixels in an LED display. Lower density equals a higher resolution. We offer you pixel pitch that may the most of viewing distance relative to the distance from the viewer to the screen. When you hire LED video wall solutions, you’ll need to know a bit about this and how you can make the most of wall placement in order to present the best resolution for your audience. 

Our technical team has been setting up LED video walls at fundraisers, galas and awards ceremonies, corporate conferences and convention for the better part of a decade. When you contact us we can help you with questions you may have and suggestions to make the most of your venue blueprint. We’re happy tot do this as we feel that a consultative approach provides clients with the best fit between their event and their technology. 

LED video wall hire and other AV solutions:


65" Screen


46" Screen




Digital Mixers


22″ Screen

Try different brands and options for your LG 22″ monitor. It’s bright, crisp presentation and LED back-lighting create a viewing experience that is ideal for any type of event. Connect to different devices- versatile and high quality equipment.

46″ Screens

The Samsung 46″ monitor touchscreen improves engagement by virtue of its interactive and brilliant display. This is popular for conferences, exhibitions and product launches. We’ll install the software you require prior to an event and can even set everything up and recommend the most performance-enhancing accessories.

65″ Screens

This screen offer crystal color technology and dynamic 4K UHD resolution. Use in conjunction with your LED video wall hire for the best results. The Samsung 65″ touchscreen is not to be missed.

Video wall rental you can rely upon.

Unlimited hire options, professional installation and it’s on time, every time!

Rent Video wall options that won’t let you down. Hire Laptops stocks a range of the most impressive LED walls and we have a professional team who can offer support guidance and setup!

You just need a team you can rely upon, the event technology that works as advertised, and prices that are fair and reasonable. You don’t want hidden terms or extra fees, you want the equipment to arrive on time and as promised. We can help!

Rent LED video wall solutions that are above the rest.

We offer services and technology that is event tested and has created successful digital experiences in over 60 countries worldwide. From video walls to touchscreens to Virtual Reality, this is a company that truly has something for every event planner and is always happy to assist you. 

Rent LED video wall services and equipment

Our technology comes with a service guarantee as well. We have a remote team that is available 24/7 for your convenience and offer onsite support as needed which includes technical experts with a wealth of experience that can ensure the success of your event from start to finish. 

Rent video wall solutions for the best in global delivery

Rent Video wall from Hire Laptops and experience delivery like never before. We have experience delivering throughout the Middle East as well as clearing customs in some of the most difficult to reach countries globally. We are experienced at fast and always on time delivery. Our competitors won’t guarantee that it arrives on time- but we will! Why? Because what is the use of equipment that arrives after the event has begun? 

Hire LED video wall installation

Placement and setup can be crucial for an audiovisual experience. Pixel pitch depends on the distance from viewer to display, for optimal resolution and clarity of experience. Our team is well versed in LED wall setup and ready to help you at your next event!

Why rent LED video wall solutions from us?

We prioritise your event success from start to finish and have over 4,000 corporate clients worldwide who are satisfied long-term customers. We get the setup, order, delivery and technical support right and we make sure that you achieve results in your event ROI. That’s the difference you get when you use Hire Laptops. 


We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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