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Monitor hire for events and business functions.

Monitor hire requires a bit of consideration; here’s why. The look and quality of display are going to be a focal point for attendees. People are drawn to digital displays and will know the difference between a cheap monitor and a higher quality one. Rent computer monitors for a range of events including temporary office setups, conferences, product launches, board meetings, trade shows, trainings and presentations, among other functions. We have a large inventory of the sizes that you are interested in. Hire 22-inch monitor packages, 32-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch or 85-inch monitors. Utilise the latest brands such as iiyama, Samsung and Apple. We provide monitors that make a difference to the quality of your events. 

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Check out our touchscreen monitors which are incredibly engaging in the fact that both the audience and presenters can interact with the display through touch. Looking to rent Thunderbolt monitor packages? There’s been a lot of talk about the design, seamlessness and resolution of this Apple display. Rent Thunderbolt monitor options or the latest Apple monitors such as the Apple Pro Display XDR. Need to rent a PC monitor? You can rent a PC monitor of any variety- our consultants can help you with the appropriate models and specs for your next event.

Our team is available 7 days per week, around the clock for your convenience. They are well versed in the latest monitors, or more classic versions and can help you rent Thunderbolt monitor packages or any of the versions that you require. We keep the complete line of Apple monitors so that our clients never need to go to another supplier. Our technical team can make sure that all of your equipment is compatible and show you how to use it. We give you the best opportunity for digital success through a range of equipment and a professional team that offer both onsite and 24/7 remote support. 


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through a variety of key ports. We help you rent monitors that put you ahead of your competition at events and business functions. 

When considering monitor hire, think about the different brands that you rely on for technical excellence. Often clients prefer a particular brand that they trust or are accustomed to working with. We have one of the largest ranges of monitors including LG, Apple, and Samsung, among others.

Whether you are doing editing or some work in Photoshop, getting the right colour is essential. At product launches and corporate conferences, you want the exact clarity and colour of your logo and branding to be represented well on screen. Whichever monitor hire you choose, we can help you get setup, provide any accessories or installation needed and offer you our range of event equipment that can cater to just about anything you’d need. 

Rent monitors with the screen size you need to be well-equipped for your next event. You can rent monitors with flat screens or curved displays, as needed. Our LG and Samsung models have some excellent monitors to choose from with this feature. Consider the aspect ratio-which is determined by ratio of width to height.

Rent monitors that have the screen size (measure this diagonally) and the aspect ratio (width determined by height) you’re looking for. We have monitors such as LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Finally, hire monitor options that have touchscreen features and HDR.

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Rent monitors with our consultative professional team of customer service representatives. We have just about anything you are looking for in terms of computer monitors and that includes different sizes, features and capabilities that are important to event planners everywhere. At Hire laptops we have been supplying one of the world’s largest inventories of event equipment for over a decade in over 60 countries worldwide. We know how to create digital success with the right technology and software. In terms of content, our team can upload branded landing pages and customised content onto your devices so that your event has a streamlined look and feel. 

Rent Apple or PC monitor packages easily. Hire 22 inch monitor options to 85 inch monitors that really draw attention! Rent monitors with a range of functionality and the latest specs. With our team to help answer your questions and provide a free quote, you’ll be well taken care of. Our options are extensive and we offer competitive pricing on all of our event equipment and services including  event technical onsite support, project management, training, Wi-Fi installations and more. We have a history of successful events and one of the largest inventories of event equipment worldwide. 

Rent PC monitor or Apple monitor options, and any of our range of AV equipment. Get more for your money and the best service around! For more information,  contact us today. We’ll help you hire monitor packages that make a difference in your event ROI!

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