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For any event you’re hosting, printers are relevant and essential for tasks such as creating receipts, printing passes, printing wristbands and id badges, and printing kitchen tickets that go to bar and restaurant kitchens to create food orders quickly and efficiently. Rent copier packages as well for larger events and temporary office setups. We have Star printer hire, a big name in the event printing industry. We offer HP printer hire, and TSP100 as well as TSP650 models that are more affordable because of our wholesale prices.

Hire Zebra ZD500 and get more from your printer.

Hire Zebra ZD500 just once and you’ll understand why it’s so popular, The print speed and flexible range of options such as badge and wristband printing, receipts and kitchen till printing are just a few of the reasons why. It is also incredibly user friendly- you can load the paper easily so it won’t interfere with the pace of your business during busy events. 

The printing itself is crisp and clear, the Zebra ZD500 Printer works well under pressure, is durable and highly portable. Ask about our Zebra options today! 


Zebra ZD500 Printer

Epson TM-T011

Star TSP143

Star TSP143 Lightening iOS

Xerox Printers & Copiers

HP Office Jet Pro 6830 / 6960

Epson TMT-20


Rent printer solutions that work!

Have you given much thought to the type of printers that you need? Do you need to rent copier packages for a temporary office? Did you want to rent laser printer packages due to their speed and performance? You can rent a range of copier packages. Rent colour copier options that will surprise you with the clarity and quality of their tone. Colour laser printer hire is one of our specialities and if you have any questions feel free to ask a member of our dedicated team. Rent colour copier options with us, and you’ll be glad that you did!

Hire laser printer packages here!

Rent laser printer options for business events or office setups. Don’t worry about reliability- our printers are event and office tested and perfectly maintained. We also have a support team 24/7 should you need anything- though it is unlikely! Colour laser printer hire is offered and you may want help selecting a model or brand that is right for you. 

For more information, get in touch with our team today and we can introduce you to a range of incredible printing products that will work for your business! Our team is available 24 hours per day, for your convenience. 

What you need in a printer and how we can offer it.

We have a range of HP printer hire, Star printer hire and Star Bluetooth printer hire available. Perhaps you need a copier? Rent copier packages in any shape or size, with a range of specs that you can rely upon. Check out the Star TSP100 and TSP650 models. They are reliable and fast, while being simple to operate. 

When you rent printer for event needs, you may have a lot that you want to get out of it. Our clients rent Star printer options because they are dependable and well-known in the industry for success. Rent Star printer packages at affordable rates here. It’s easy to use- you can change paper rolls in seconds and the interface is intuitive so you won’t spend an hour puzzling over an instruction manual. Rent Star printer options to get your till system up and running within minutes, so that you can get on with your other tasks. 

Badge Printing is another event task that is important. Rent TSP650, TSP100 and additional models that will help you conduct business quickly and efficiently. 

Rent copier packages that work for you or rent star receipt packages in any model or spec and find out how affordable it is for your business. We are always happy to help you select the equipment that is right for you. Learn more about our Start TSP100 and TSP650 packages or in general just contact us about how to rent start receipt printer options in any brand or model. 

For more information, contact us 24/7!


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