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Businesses are utilising iPhone and also iPod hire for events. iPhones are great for event software and a range of additional options. We offer the latest iPhones and older models as well. It depends very much on your preference; our goal is always to give you the options to choose the best equipment for your next business event. Need the 11Pro Max? The iPhone SE? We can accommodate it. We also have older models such as the X, 10, 8, and much more. We carry every model and spec so that the equipment you need is within our inventory to deploy at a moment’s notice.

A range of technology also includes a less obvious classic example of Apple technology. iPods are still here- they work as an affordable option for lead capture and additional event functionality. This includes EPOS devices and scanning barcodes. A lightweight piece of kit that has 32GB storage, can help you to create the right technology for your next event- both capably and affordably, depending on your needs. Contact Hire Laptops today!

Rent iPhones or rent iPods here.

We offer Apple technology including iPhone hire in every model and spec and even iPods, for lead capture, networking apps and event management. It works with scanning technology- event planners can rent iPods for registration, payment and additional event software applications. Ask our team today about how we can help.


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iPhone hire that is reliable and affordable!

iPhone hire is available from our inventory- one of the largest in the world! We can accommodate both the latest and more classic versions of iPhones that you require. iPhones have several advantages including advanced displays, user-friendly operating systems and 4K video that will add value to your event and impress your audiences. 

We offer iPhone hire that has clear rental agreements with no hidden costs- affordable terms that you can rely on. In terms of our reach- we are a global business that can deploy throughout the Middle East as well as world wide. Rent iPhones form a customer service team that cares about your business and treats each event as if it’s our own.  Contact us for help selecting from a range of iPhone hire and we’ll guide you in the right direction. Every event is different- we have over 4,000 satisfied corporate clients who can attest to the quality and reliability of our service. Get in touch today!

Yes, we rent iPhones at incredible prices, but did you know that we also offer a complete range of event technology? This includes hardware, software,  onsite technicians, and WiFi installation services. We have laptops, video walls, Virtual Reality, accessories, iPads, and so much more. Get in touch  today and we’d be delighted to help!

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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We are the one-stop-shop for all your short term IT technology hire and complete onsite and offsite services and support. We provide the latest technology and the expert teams to set it up, take it down and troubleshoot it. Conduct the most amazing events with our state of the art and affordable IT technology and services.

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