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Technology and software are a crucial part of any event. We offer software solutions which include custom built apps and the standard software you’d like preloaded into your devices. This includes software for event functionality such as registration, payment, networking, lead management, wayfinding and signposting, VIP notifications, within app networking and so much more. 

Make the most of your next event with a range of options. Contact our support team to find a solution that is right for you. We can help create custom software or install standard software for your next event. 

Check out our mobile event app with a number of features that will help you to improve event ROI. We help to improve engagement through the right software and data, and make it user-friendly so that anyone can use it. Talk to our team today about how we can help out at your next event. 

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Don’t Forget, We Also Offer Public, Festival & Event WI-FI Solutions


We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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We are the one-stop-shop for all your short term IT technology hire and complete onsite and offsite services and support. We provide the latest technology and the expert teams to set it up, take it down and troubleshoot it. Conduct the most amazing events with our state of the art and affordable IT technology and services.

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