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Laptops in any quantity available!

Trainings require the right equipment for maximum efficiency and we can help. Whether you are hosting an employee training or an educational seminar, a government training, or a simple workshop, we can help equip you with the laptops you need, as well a a range of accessories and additional equipment fit for events. 

We offer equipment for trainings that is affordable and in perfect condition. This includes tablets with Windows or iOS software, in short term or long term hire, including tablet rental or desktop packages that will work well for your business. 

Computers that are completely customised for your training.

Trainings require the right software as well as the right hardware. We can offer you equipment in any quantity, delivered to your next event, anywhere in the world. We also will upload any of the training software and standard applications that you’d like on the device prior to shipment. This way, everything arrives to you ready to use, fully checked, charged, updated, with all apps requested. We want to make your next training as simple as possible for you to launch. 


This is where customisation comes in. Installing the software you need into devices for a training can take hours per device. Who has that kind of time? We upload the applications you request ahead of time, check everything with our quality assurance team prior to deployment and make sure that it is complete with all accessories, fully charged and ready to use. Need content and branded landing pages to streamline your training? We can help with that too. Our bespoke solutions are as unique as your business! 

Training that is efficient and successful starts with the right team and equipment behind you!

Training requires equipment and we always recommend renting rather than purchasing it. That is because renting training equipment enables you to always have the latest equipment. You also never need to store it, because we take care of that for you. Transportation isn’t an issue, because we deliver anywhere in the world, in any quantity. So regardless of the size and needs of your company, it is more efficient, affordable and convenient to hire the right training equipment. We also handle the maintenance, updates, and any app installation you require ahead of time. What could be easier?

Our rental agreements are flexible and extremely transparent. We never have hidden fees and you can see what you are signing up for in a simple form. This is good for business and we insist on solutions that make hire easier for clients!

Need help, a free consultation or a no-cost estimate? We are available 24/7!

We provide equipment for trainings throughout the UAE including:

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