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Event WiFi in a Box!

Event Wifi is essential but can it be simple? Our answer is ‘Yes!’ 

This is WiFi that you operate by flipping a switch and within 3 minutes you have a high-speed, secure netwrok that can accommodate up to 100 people. It comes in a smartly designed pelicase- just plug it in and hit one switch. It can’t be any easier!

We’ll be there to provide you any support needed, but this truly is WiFi at its simplest. 

Temporary internet access is here!

When you need event Wifi, you want something that you don’t even have to think about. We provide a regional plug and a system that doesn’t need a network engineer. Our WiFi follows all security protocol and WiFi standards, it works well and it’s so user friendly you’ll be wondering what you did without it. It’s a solution that is scalable- add another box to accommodate larger audiences!

WiFi in a Box

A rolling pelicase that delivers WiFi wherever you go!

This portable WiFi rental can be delivered to any location worldwide. It is easy to travel with because it has an extendable handle and a side handle, for your convenience. It’s lightweight enough to pick up or roll with you- whichever you prefer!

It includes private SSDIs

WiFi in a box also has private SSDI’s and passwords that you can distribute to staff, guests or VIPS as needed. It works with four 4G/LTE advanced cellular providers running at the same time- this provides optimal performance and consistent uptime (99.9%)!

WiFi in a Box applications.

Use WiFi in a Box for events in every industry, including festivals, fundraisers, pop-up shops, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. They help to provide you with the connection you need to operate electronic tills, facilitate registration, and stay online for event software platforms you need to make your event a success. Ask about our WiFi in a Box today!

Additional Services

We offer a range of event services, hardware and software. Whether you need laptops, AV equipment, video walls, or Virtual Reality, we’ll be there for you. Contact our team today about any of our services and we’ll be in touch within 15 minutes!

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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We are the one-stop-shop for all your short term IT technology hire and complete onsite and offsite services and support. We provide the latest technology and the expert teams to set it up, take it down and troubleshoot it. Conduct the most amazing events with our state of the art and affordable IT technology and services.

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