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Laptops for Corporate Organisations

The best business laptops for the corporate sector can be found here- the latest name brands, in any quantity, deployed to your event or business address within 24 hours. We have units with video conferencing software, and can install any of the software or apps that you are looking for. Conduct business meetings and video conferencing easily. Our remote desk software enables you to access your own network. Our accessories such as the latest Magic Mouse and Arc Mouse, Bluetooth keyboards, tablets, Apple Pencils and Surface Pens. We can also brand your laptop rentals with landing pages that have your business and event logo- to provide a streamlined look for your next corporate conference.  

Corporate executives rent laptops so that attendees can show up to a conference or board meeting with all of the technology set up and ready to use. Nothing is more awkward than downloading apps and trying to sync with WiFi on the spot. Our conference laptops are delivered to your venue fully integrated with software, completely updated, and fully charged. 

Prior to deployment all equipment is tested by two technicians to make sure that all software and features are working the way they should. Two skilled team members need to sign off that every cable and accessory is packed, and that every laptop is fully charged and functioning perfectly. We adhere to government standards for security and work with a team of technicians who have been successfully deploying and maintaining our IT for over a decade. Our guarantee is that your equipment for you next conference is perfect the first time. 

Services we provide with Laptop Hire:

We have one of the largest inventories of laptops worldwide and this includes name brands. Some of our most popular hires are Apple MacBook Pros, HPs, Lenovo Thinkpads, and a variety of Dell laptops, but our selection ranges to every high quality model and spec you’d require for a corporate setting. We can also be available to setup your laptops and to install any needed WiFi- we have network engineers with expertise in satellite setups, hardline, personalised bonded internet and access point installation. 

Some of these include:

  • We have an in-house delivery fleet who works around the clock
  • We have 24/7 remote support
  • We offer software installation to all of our devices
  • We hire the latest brands of laptops
  • We offer onsite technical support throughout your corporate events
  • We have experience in virtually every corporate sector

We offer a variety of hardware rentals for the corporate sector including (but not limited to) the following:

  • MacBook Pro hire Abu Dhabi
  • iPhone hire Egypt
  • Business laptop hire Abu Dhabi
  • Laptop rental Egypt
  • AV Rental Bahrain
  • iPad hire Kuwait
  • iPad hire Dubai
  • iPad UAE
  • MacBook hire Cairo
  • Laptop rental Saudi Arabia
  • Access Point Ruckus Rental 
  • iPad hire Oman
  • iMac hire Jordan
  • iMac hire Qatar
  • Surface Pro hire Iraq
  • iPad hire Middle East
  • Laptop rental Tehran
  • iPhone hire Turkey
  • WiFi rental United Arab Emirates

In terms of WiFi installation and access point, we use name brands such as Ruckus for access points that work well in both indoor and outdoor event settings. We can set up Ruckus, Cradlepoint, or additional brands wireless routers throughout the UAE, as well as globally. Our services are available wherever your next event takes you.

Hire Ruckus Wireless products and benefit from its:

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