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Looking for PA system hire for your next event? Our PA systems models offer you the most dynamic sound and performance at cost effective pricing. Hire Laptops offers more than just laptops and notebooks, we have cornered the market on event equipment that is high performance and competitively priced. It’s one of the reasons we are the go-to solution for Audio Visual equipment, touchscreens, event software, Wifi installation, technical staffing for events, smartphones, Lenovos, iMacs, printers, Virtual Reality, EPOS, and more.

PA system rent options include crisp sound you can depend on, no audio feedback or delay in the middle of a conference or performance. PA system rent solutions offer you more. We have a range of equipment from brands you can trust, such as Bose, Sennheiser and Yamaha. Not sure what type of PA system hire package you require? Our team of dedicated customer service representatives can help answer all of your questions and give you information that will enable you the best options for digital success. 

PA System packages that achieve real value.

The best events are the ones we can hear. Muffled or static in sound dilutes the message and makes it hard to appreciate all of the work and effort that went into your event. The right PA system is therefore crucial to the success of event planners everywhere. We make it easier, with affordable options and a range of sound systems to choose from. 

Sound makes the difference.

We have experience setting up and providing the sound equipment for a variety of events, from festivals to fundraisers, corporate conferences to concerts and sporting events. We provide you with loudspeakers that work two ways, with the equipment to self regulate the sound with clarity, and without washing out your speakers or guests with a lot of noise. Our PA system hire offer a dynamic range of sound with Crossover Networks. You get the right delivery for your venue, regardless of the acoustics. Our team can help advise you on some of the best sound equipment hire for your next event. Contact our team anytime, day or night. There will always be someone to pick up the phone or respond via live chat. 


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PA System Rent Yamaha DXR12

The Yamaha DXR12 Class D-powered system rent solution is dynamic sound that you will appreciate. FIR-X tuning regulates the HF and LF drivers, which raises the bass when you need it and reduces phase cancellation. With a 100W Class D amplifier and the ability to connect up to three microphones, it gives you the sound quality and flexibility you need at an event to share great sound with your guests at an affordable price.

The right sound, with the right team behind you.

Rent PA system packages that we can install for you. We work with and hire equipment that is event-tested in over 60 countries with our technical team using them regularly. Hire PA system equipment from us and we can deliver it anywhere in the world, and send a team to help you get setup if you require it. We also have 24/7 remote support.

What else can we offer at Hire Laptops?

Beyond PA system hire we have a range of AV equipment that you can depend on for less money than you would expect to pay. We have a range of event equipment, iPads, laptops, printers, EPOS, accessories and more. We have the technical team to help your event run smoothly and the network engineers to install wifi anywhere in the world. Contact us for help with planning, hardware or event staffing. We’re always available to answer questions.

Why rent PA system options from us? Because we provide more for less, and we guarantee delivery!  Contact us 24/7

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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