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The iPad mini has a lot to offer; don’t be fooled by it’s miniature form- it is powerful and efficient. It’s also incredibly convenient, as its small enough to fit in one’s pocket, yet capable enough to accommodate your event staff throughout festivals, fundraisers and conventions, conferences, product launches and exhibitions. It truly has a lot to offer; here’s why…

The mini is just 300 grams so it’s lightweight. It has the incredible Apple A12 Bionic Chip and the Neural Engine which has had so much acclaim. The Neural Engine is known for its ability to offer multi-tasking capabilities like never before; it can perform up to 600 billion operations per second- which is unprecedented. 

Beyond its sheer power, it has incredible artistic sensibilities- including the True Tone display which offer rich, lifelike colours. Utilise the Apple Pencil with it, and take heart in the fact that the iPad mini provides up to 10 hours of battery life. Use its cellular or WiFi versions- it can come with 4G LTE Advanced.

Rent 4G iPad solutions.

The iPad mini is incredibly efficient and productive, you can run an array of powerful apps on it such as the Adobe Suite or graphic-intense gaming applications. It can handle Augmented Reality or live-streaming with ease. You can use it at events within your entry management system, such as to check in guests and reduce the queues. 

Rent iPad mini with any number of event software applications, such as our own bespoke apps that we can create for your brand or business, or any number of standard applications that you prefer to work with. The choices are endless with this powerful companion. 4G iPad hire may be just what you need, and this little device has a lot to offer. 

Hire iPad mini to fuel Q&A sessions, facilitate silent auctions, provide guests with event networking opportunities, give staff the opportunity to greet VIP arrivals, and gather valuable event and consumer data in real time. Contact our 24/7 customer service representatives for more options and assistance planning your next event with any of the equipment or services that will help you the most, at affordable pricing structures. 


Rent 4G iPad Mini and discover more.

Our services can perfectly complement our products and we are always willing to do more for our clients. For example, we don’t just ship the equipment to your next location or venue, we check, test and charge each device fully complete with upgrades and a full range of care.

We then add any software applications that you prefer and require in order to work efficiently. Hire Laptops is known for its incredible technical team, and its 24/7 remote support. We never sleep!

Rent iPad Mini 4 and know that each device will go through a rigorous Q&A process and be fully prepared to use upon arrival at the touch of a button

Hire iPad Mini 4 for any of your events.

Hire iPad Mini 4 for exhibitions, festivals and fundraisers. We have them for seminars and board meetings, trainings of all types, and every sector from educational to financial, to entertainment to charitable and government. iPad Mini is just one of the devices we hire – we have a range of equipment and services available including AV solutions, Virtual Reality Headsets, laptops, mobiles, video walls and touchscreens, and more. Need WiFi installation? We have a team of network engineers who can install the right connection for you anywhere in the world. This includes options such as hardline, personalized bonded internet, satellite and more.

Rent iPad mini 4, or request any of our additional services or products for hire!

You can certainly rent 4G iPad packages from Hire Laptops easily and at the right price. Rent iPad mini models or specs from one of the world’s largest ranges of event equipment worldwide. Rent 4G iPad packages or cellular versions. But there’s so much more!

We offer services such as WiFi installation and our invaluable tech support. Our technical team can pack up, deliver and completely install any of your equipment while maintaining an onsite presence throughout your next event. We have software developer partners who can design apps for you, and we’re happy to integrate any and all of the apps that you prefer to work with on the equipment you hire from us. Rent iPad mini 4? Absolutely! But explore more than just the mini for deals and savings and an array of services that you can’t replicate elsewhere! 

Questions about how to hire iPad mini ? Our team is available 24/7! We’ll provide a free quote. Rent iPad minis and more from Hire Laptops!

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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