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Giant iTab rental is here and it's amazing!

Hire Laptops is proud to welcome Giant iTab, our newest product partner, into our extensive inventory. It’s making headlines at conferences, exhibitions, product launches, live demos and trade shows around the world. What is this incredible digital display? It looks like an extra large iPad or iPhone and customers are drawn to it as something they recognise and already use on a daily basis. 

Size is important and this innovative model makes light work of demos for apps, trainings for software at financial institutions, and educational seminars. People call it a giant iPhone display and it is also referred to as a giant iPad display respectively. When you see it, you’ll understand why. 

This digital display is so user-friendly because the interface mimic that of a tablet or smartphone, which appeals to people from first experience. It also has that marketing attraction of taking an everyday device and increasing the size to something that’s hard to believe or walk past during an event or exhibition. It increases interaction and guest engagement, which is exactly the tool you need at a large event in which you are competing with other vendors and businesses.

Operate it by touching, swiping, or pinching the display. It does well in portrait or landscape, whatever the preference of the event planner! It’s durable and portable. Ask us about it today! 

Giant iTab 27"

Giant iTab 42"

Giant iTab 55"

More about Giant iTab rental

Giant iTab hire is a giant iPhone display that makes a difference. It teaches through a variety of apps- it has incredible compatibility with Android and iOS software, as well as third party software. It can teach through games and learning apps, or through the interactive HD technology that tells a better story. Students and learners tend to look at their iPhones hundreds of times per day. Why not mimic what they are already looking at?

It’s been used on live television broadcasts, for trade shows and conferences, and for app developers to demo their latest software. Games, live-streaming and more with help to inform and engage in a way that improves your event success. A giant iPad display is by nature intriguing to interact with and it’s customary for crowds of guests to walk right up to it. It’s easier to gather leads and it often results in guest taking photos with the device just for the novelty. This giant iPad display creates a buzz wherever it goes. 

Reasons to rent Giant iTab:

Renting ensures that you always have the latest version of the Giant iTab. With Giant iTab hire, you never need concern yourself with storage or upgrading the equipment. It’s more cost effective than continuing to purchase the latest models. We take care of the maintenance and the software integration for you- uploading digital content, handling delivery, installing and setting them up at your event if you need onsite support- and of course we offer support remotely 24/7. A giant iPad display is just what you need in terms of hire, and we’d recommend it to any of our clients for an unforgettable event experience that you will want to capitalise on!

What else can we offer besides Giant iPad hire?

Giant iPad rental is amazing and it will increase the success of your next exhibition or trade show. This we’re assured of. But what other services and hardware can we help you with, beyond this Giant iPad display? We have VR kits and digital signage. We offer accessories such as cables, chargers, iPad stands, Kensington locks, SIM cards and keyboards, and more. 

We have a team of Networking engineers who can install internet into any location in the world under any circumstances. Giant iTab rental is here, but we wanted to let you know that our other offerings and services are also available for your next event. Our customer service team would be only too happy to help you and discuss any of your event needs and services.

Looking to rent a giant iPhone display or anything else from Hire Laptops? Contact us now!

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