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Event Solutions for iPad Conference Software

Event software is essential for optimising your event management. We use this software for a range of events, such as conferences, exhibitions, product launches, trade shows, board meetings, conventions, and more. What does your next event look like? Are you trying to get better metrics on attendance and attendee satisfaction? 

We have applications that can be customised for your business, with features that can register attendees, provide attendance data in real time, enable inter-app messaging, host surveys and live Q&A sessions, and notify hosts of VIP arrivals. It’s practicality combined with a creative, easy to use platform that you and your guests will love. We have partnered with leading app developers who can build you what you need- as bespoke as you like. We also can install standard event apps of any variety onto to your iPad and tablet rentals. So whether your guests are using the latest iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro rental, they will have access to software that increases your event ROIs and makes a lasting impression. 

Our software can include breakout rooms, keep track of conference KPIS, and receive instant feedback while speakers are presenting. There are voting options for board meetings and silent auctions for charity fundraisers. These apps can offer directions to hotels, live floor plans and seating charts, and customised event schedules for guests. There’s so much more that can be added to an event simply by harnessing the right software packages. Our customer service team is well-versed in software capability and we are always happy to help create app solutions that work for your business and improve your next event. 

Conference App iPad solutions that you can rely upon.

Apps for conferences are not all alike. We have been creating customised event apps for years and the quality of our software is apparent from the first time you login. We offer designs that are clean, professional, and completely bespoke. Order them with an iPad hire package or any alongside our WiFi installation, event staffing, or additional hardware for events. 

Need help answering questions about our technical staffing or event technology? Have an idea but are not sure how to see it through? Our team is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to discuss with you how we can improve upon your next event. We have as many packages and technology solutions as there are challenges and our team is both solution oriented, and happy to help!

What else can we offer our clients?

We have one of the largest inventories worldwide of event equipment, laptops, iPads, Audiovisual, branded stands, accessories and iPad cases, EPOS devices and Virtual Reality headsets. We provide event wifi installation of every size and scale and have a team of technical event staff standing by to help you. Contact us today!

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About Our Event Staffing

Event staffing is only as good as the training, experience and outlook of the team that’s behind you. We pride ourselves on a strict hiring and initiation process that results in a technically talented, positive group of technical event staff members who are willing to go the distance on any event related challenge they encounter. Our motto is a resolute ‘Yes!’ Our team is punctual, professional and competent. We check your equipment, download and double check software and accessories, pack everything up meticulously, and deploy via our in-house team of drivers. Our timelines are strict, and we deploy within 24 hours. 

We can install a wide range of internet solutions and we’ve done this in over 60 countries worldwide for events. Our network engineers are some of the best in the business and they understand infrastructure and WiFi better than some of the top experts in the business. 

 Contact a member of our team any time that is convenient for you! We’re here to help!

We have thousands of cutting-edge laptops, from world leading brands ready for hire.

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