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What is live polling and how can it help you at your next event? Live polling is a type of live online Q&A in which presenters can ask the audience questions that they can then respond to in real time. The answers to these questions can remain anonymous, so the presenters get honest, direct feedback to topics and can better gauge the needs of their audience. Live polling is used at both social and business events. It is useful at board meetings and throughout conference presentations and workshops. iPad survey apps will ask questions that the audience can respond to on iPads while the presentation is taking place. 

Types of polling.

Polling app iPad options are varied. Presentaers can use it to gauge the audience prior to beginning their presetnation. There are options in terms of device such as using iPads or smartphones but this doesn’t change the software- both modalities work well! Use polling app mobile devices or polling app iPad devices to suit the preferences of your event planners and audience requirements. 

Polling apps are great because you get real time feedback that won’t break the flow of the presentation. Utilise this technology while presentations are going on or just before they begin. Get feedback from your audience before they leave in order to be assured that they’ll remember to provide the feedback. Incorproate iPad survey app  or polling app mobile formats in conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions, exhibitions and business meetings. 

Additional benefits for the event survey app.

Live polls are democratic, inclusive and anonymous. Presenters and attendees alike appreciate these features. An event survey app can save crucial time in meetings, leaving little room for waffling but still getting input from the audience that can be used to guide present and future events. Attendees stay alert to hear their views addressed and it thus offers engagement and better retention. 

Polling app iPad or polling app mobile technology will help you up your game on the event scene. Everyone will feel that they have a voice and that thier input is getting heard. People can contribute without fear of judgement. With easy use on smartphones or iPads your attendees are already well familiar with the hardware. Contribution is easy and event planners will see the effects from a single event!

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We offer iPad survey app and mobile survey app solutions but we also provide a whole lot more at events. Consider that we have one of the largest inventories of event equipment worldwide, with everything from Audiovisual equipment, to laptops, to accessories. We have technical support both remotely offered 24/7 and onsite. Contact  us online or via telephone. We even offer WiFi installation!

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