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Wifi rental is critical to your event. You can’t rely on the venue WiFi because it’s just not powerful to handle the number of devices and bandwidth needed at the average event or conference. People carry more than one device at a time and they use high bandwidth functions such as live streaming or watching videos on their phones. Between the number of devices, the activities its used for and number of guests, you need to ensure that you are going to have an internet solution that is high-speed , secure and consistently reliable. That is where Hire Laptops can help. 

Ruckus WiFi hire is just one such solution. People put a lot of faith into Ruckus because whether you want indoor or outdoor WiFi, it has established itself as a brand that event planners can rely upon. We also provide options such as as satellite hire, Cradlepoint rental and a range of event wifi solutions. It’s not just Ruckus wireless hire either, we have brands and options that you may not have even considered, but are each tested and approved by our team of experts. So whether you have high or low density requirements, a favourite brand you would like to use, or a strategy you’d like to implement for your next event wifi hire, we’d love to help!

Ruckus Wireless Rental: All You Need to Know

As mentioned, attendees are carrying more devices than ever with them to events and we’ll need to accommodate the bandwidth. Whether your guests are carrying a combination smartphonesiPads, and laptops, or all of them, we’ll be able to offer secure high speed internet through options such as Ruckus AP rental. Ruckus is reliable and known to work in just about any circumstance to provide the bandwidth that you need at your effect quickly and securely. Whether you are in an ancient building or an outdoor festival we can help with Ruckus AP. Rent Ruckus for conferences and conventions, product launches and fundraisers. Rent Ruckus AP because you know you can depend upon it. 

Ruckus Wireless Dubai packages are going to make a difference at your next event. Contact us to find out more information on how we can help. Why Ruckus wireless hire? Because it works in a range of environments and circumstances. Interested in how to rent Ruckus AP today? Not sure if you’d prefer Cradlepoint hire? Discuss your questions and options with a member of our team at any time! We’re available 24/7 to help you rent Ruckus, Cradlepoint, or any of the options that you prefer. 

WiFi rental options and the best event technology!

Festival WiFi is all about the right equipment and reliable connective technology. Look at our festival wifi solutions which can include satellite internet hire and Access Point Ruckus rental, Cradle point hire and more. These are solutions that work in a number of ways, with netwrok engineers from our own team who has been installing wifi for the better part of a decade at events all over the world. This equipment goes perfectly with your EPOS hire or AV equipment. Use it in conjunction with barcode scanner rental or the latest iPad hire. Whether you use Cradlepoint, Ruckus, or satellite internet, you can rest assured that we also provide the equipment you need for your event including AV, Virtual reality, smartphone hire, LED walls and so much more. 

Satellite Internet hire at your next event.

What do you know about satellite internet hire? It involves a geostationary satellite orbiting 23,000 miles above the earth’s equator. Rent satellite internet to overcome boundaries such as a lack of existing infrastructure. Festival wifi is not also installed in the most optimal locations. That doesn’t matter as satellite internet works with a dish, modem and satellite to overcome a range of connectivity challenges. For festival wifi, conference wifi or wifi or mobile transportation. Whatever you are looking for in satellite internet hire, we can help with. WiFi rental for a product launch, board meeting or convention has some similar requirements- it has to work. We make it happen. 


Zebra ZD500

Ruckus ZoneFlex R710

Satellite Internet Hire

Zebra DS2208 Scanner

Ruckus ZoneFlex T710

4G LTE MiFi Router

Linea Pro For IPod & IPhone

Cradlepoint COR IBR900

The latest technology and wireless solutions 

Our Ruckus wireless laptop technology helps power our conventions. Ruckus WiFi iPad solutions are not much different at festivals.  Ruckus wireless hire helps power a range of event equipment that we also happen to hire, which includes iPad Pros, minis, Airs, EPOS devices for contactless payment, AV equipment and displays, event printers, and more. Ruckus WiFi iPad solutions for event WiFi rental may surprise you in their affordability. Our Ruckus wireless hire Dubai team can help you whether you are in any location throughout the Middle East. Access Point Ruckus Rental Egypt is another solution you can depend on. Contact our team today!


Barcode scanner rental powered by Ruckus Wireless Hire

When you need to scan passes or RFID labels, ticket or inventory, our event wifi solutions can help. Check out our Zebra barcode scanner hire- which is essentially barcode scanner rental that instantly goes the distance whether you are checking in guests or taking contactless payments. Rent Ruckus Ap to complement your Zebra scanner hire. 

Why hire Ruckus? Why wouldn’t you? It helps assure you that your technology will work perfectly, quickly and securely. Check out our range of iPads, printers, and our Zebra barcode scanner rental that works quickly by instantly capturing RFID data. 


MiFI Router Hire for your Event

MiFi Router hire provides internet on a smaller level. It can accommodate approximately 7 devices- perfect for an exhibition stand or popup stall. Ask about our MiFi router hire today and let us help you provide you with a winning connectivity solution. 

Interested in our Ruckus wireless conference or Ruckus wireless exhibition rates? Our Ruckus Wireless Dubai team is standing by to provide you with help and assistance. 

We'd love to help!

What is it you require for your next event? Do you need Zebra scanner hire or Ruckus AP rental. Interested in our Ruckus conference packages or looking to rent satellite internet? We have as many solutions as you have requirements and we’re always available to discuss the latest in Ruckus AP rental or our Ruckus conference package rates. So whether you want satellite internet, access point rental, personalised bonded internet or more, we can help. 

Be sure to  contact us today for more information. We are always available and will usually respond within 15 minutes to a request. 

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